• Dec 2, 2022

    World Cup 2022 Prediction Event

    Hi CWers, World cup 2022 is happening and don't miss the next event of Crickets World.

    We will hold an event to predict the winning team of the World cup 2022 matches.
    After each match, we will choose 1 member with the most correct result of prediction and give a reward (in case there are many members with the same result, we will randomly choose 1 winner).

    The reward is Cricket Egg NFT and Tokens/winner/match.

    You can check the winner result on our Official Social Media 👈


    How to claim your reward:

    • Token will be send to wallet address of winner.
    • Cricket Egg NFT: claim on Crickets World's Web3:

      • Press "Mint" button and approve the transaction on MetaMask wallet. 
      • Choose "Inventory Tab" to check your NFT ❤️


    Crickets World Team!


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