• Mar 6, 2023

    Intergrate SUNNY FARM

    Dear all,

    We would like to excitedly announce!
    Intergrate Sunny Farm onto Crickets World

    Sunny Farm Introduction!
    Sunny Farm is located in Ninh Hoa commune, share border to Nha Trang city, Việt Nam
    Demension is 31268 meter square .
    Sunny Farm is araising wild boar, refining swallow’s nest and planting various fruit trees.
    Golden Crickets plans to develop Sunny Farm become Ecotourism farm that provide farming experiment service for customer
    Farm in Crickets World is named SUNNY FARM!

    Roll of SUNNY farm in Crickets World.
    SUNNY Farm is consist of 500 land cell for mineral exploitation, plant sweet grass and medicine for cricket sodier

    Farm in Crickets World is responding as food manufacturer, medicine and equipment

    Public SUNNY CLAN TIER 1 
    SUNNY CLAN is managed by  Sunny Farm owner.

    Sunny Farm’s benefit:
    SUNNY clan member is prioritized for buying NFTS 150 land with 80% announced price. 
    Salary for Clan management team and Caln members.
    Salary for active members
    Offline vacation in SUNNY FARM
    Freely enjoy wild boar meat grilled and steamed swallow’s nest.


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