• Mar 14, 2023


    Dear all,


    It was 2 years since we have started Crickets World project. Market movement has affected to our initial presented plan as we need to flexibly adapt to current change.

    However, We - founders -  still keep on going the development of Crickets World 


    Mistical Science:

    I Ching & Geomancy – is a longtime (thousand years) science and popular to East Asian culture.

    By throwing ancient coins, analyze numbers to talk about an event at present as well as future fortune

    I Ching application:  Fortune-telling some’s luck in near future and whole life; market trend, coin trend, project fortune,…

    Geomancy helps luck-open, increase money for trader with lucks and profit 


    We would like to announce: 

    Grand opening MYSTICAL CLAN


    I Chingist: LÂM PHONG

    Geomancist: NGỌC LONG

    TTM Clan will publish 2 NFTs products:

    NFTS type 1: quantity 100 Nfts

    20% total profit from NFTs type 2 will be cascaded to Nfts type 1.

    Profit (Money) is paid in monthly – quarterly – yearly basic

    Welfare for joining CLAN

    Offline meeting with our proffessor

    Recieve profit from Clan

    Nfts type 2: non-limit quantity.

    NFT type 2 will be charged for those using MTC clan service

    Nfts type 2: join Clan and private group


    All relevant question will be responded by our professor

    MTC STORE: issue NFTS, Geomancy items that used for luck-open, charm will be issued under NFTs code. This code is equal to a real charm item that brings user with lucks.

    Welfare of Clan member

    Clan managing salary

    Clan member salary

    Profit from NFT owner, each NFTs will be cascaded profit with appropriate ratio. 100% NFTs has exchange value.


    You can join online group with link below:


    Crickets World Team!


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