• May 12, 2023

    CW FUTURES - signal channel of Futures orders

    Dear all,

    Here comes the God of Fortune and your lucks!

    CW FUTURES is a signal channel of Futures orders.

    Subscribe to the channel at: https://t.me/CWFUTURE 

    The winning member will share their prize to spread luck into the fund.

    This fund is public on BNB CHAIN

    Every week, jars will be opened on Sunday 18:30 PM GMT+7


    Follow and share TWT Post and add 3 lucky numbers + wallet address

    The winner is the person whose lucky number coincides with the last 3 numbers of the northern Vietnam lottery jackpot!

    The winner will receive half of the fund in that week.

    If there are 2..3 winners, that amount is divided equally amongst them!

    Thank you!

    You can join online group with link below:



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